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Available Rental Properties for Fall 2020!!!! GET YOURS TODAY!

Auburn Realty – COVID- 19 Policy Statement 5/10/20

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  • Available Rental Properties for Fall 2020!!!! GET YOURS TODAY!

    Auburn Realty still has some wonderful units left for Fall 2020!!!! Call us today to get your unit before they are all gone! 334-887-8777

  • Auburn Realty – COVID- 19 Policy Statement 5/10/20

    Auburn Realty – COVID- 19 Policy Statement 5/10/20

    Auburn Realty is closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates to make sure that we are prepared to take the necessary precautions to best protect you, all of our residents, owners, employees and maintenance vendors

    IN-OFFICE PROCEDURES: Our offices will physically re-open to the public on Monday, May 18, 2020. We ask that everyone entering our office please practice social distancing. We have the floor marked to help you know where to be. We will monitor the number of people to not exceed 10 at any time. We have hand sanitizer for all to use as needed. After each guest leaves, we will wipe doorknobs and counters with anti-bacterial solution and spray the area with an anti-bacterial aerosol. Masks and gloves are provided for all office personnel for their use when needed. Masks will be worn by front desk personnel when guests are present. Also, we will be checking the temperatures of AR personnel on a daily basis. If a guest appears sick then they may be asked to put on a mask or to leave and contact us via phone or computer.

    SHOWING APPOINTMENTS: When showing properties to prospects, they will be asked to meet the AR Rep at the property instead of the office. The AR Rep will have hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and masks (and gloves if needed) for themselves as well as the viewing parties. AR will provide masks to prospects if they do not have their own. Only AR personnel will touch doorknobs, etc. and will wipe them after closing doors. As usual, we will provide a 48+ hour notice to all of our residents when scheduling showing appointments. If a tenant is not feeling well, they are asked to let us know as soon as possible so that we can make other arrangements such as using available pictures, video tours, and 3D scans for our prospective tenants until such time as the tenant feels better.

    MAINTENANCE: Please submit your routine maintenance requests as normal through your portal. For EMERGENCIES only during non-office hours, including after hours and on weekends, call the on-call number (334-502-0250). All maintenance requests submitted will be reviewed in a timely manner. Emergency and essential maintenance will take precedence over non-essential maintenance items during this time. However, non-emergency maintenance will be at the discretion of the individual maintenance vendors and the tenants who are submitting the request. Communication between all parties will be imperative during this time as to not put our maintenance vendors or our tenants at risk. If a tenant is not feeling well, they are asked to let us know as soon as possible so that we can make other arrangements. Maintenance personnel will be wearing masks and using gloves or using hand sanitizer or wipes. Essential maintenance is defined as water, power, or AC issues (including changing AC filters and checking smoke detectors) as well as anything threatening the health and safety of the resident or damage to the property.

    Emergency/Essential Maintenance Examples:
    Flood- When a property flood occurs and a resident cannot shut off the water valve to the water heater, toilet, kitchen sink or other area.
    Power outages or other related issues/problems.
    Fire Hazard- There is a risk of flame, spark, exposed wiring or electrical shortage.
    Toilet Malfunction- When there is no other toilet available for use, the available toilet is not functioning and the resident is not able to resolve the issue with remote diagnostic support from the maintenance team using phone or email communication.
    Heat or Cooling is not functioning properly.
    Critical Appliance Failure- When the property provided appliances are not working. (Dishwashers are not considered to be critical appliances).
    Unsecured Areas- If your apartment is unsecured and accessible from the exterior (broken windows, malfunctioning door locks, doors will not close, etc.)
    Any issue that, if not resolved, presents a heightened risk of property damage and/or bodily injury.

    Michelle Smith (Auburn Realty Property Manager)
    Tasha Frizzell (Lakewood Commons Property Manager and Auburn Realty Leasing Manager)
    Joanne Merritt (Crossland Downs Office Manager)
    Kam Williams (Administrative Assistant - Auburn Realty Office)
    Sara Taylor (Administrative Assistant - Auburn Realty Office)
    Judson Meadows (Administrative Assistant - Lakewood Commons Office)
    Karri Kinder (Accounting)
    Celeste Reid (Accounting Manager)
    Cary Way (Maintenance Coordinator)
    Ray Huff (Owner, Realtor, Broker)

    For sales questions, please contact Michelle Smith (REALTOR and Broker), Tasha Frizzell (REALTOR and Broker) or Cary Way (REALTOR).


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